Foresight provides authoritative, in depth insights into the business of innovation to help our readers figure out the implications and practical uses of ground breaking scientific and technological developments.

Our editorial team includes independent journalists who write for The Guardian, New Scientist, Scientific American, Wired and the BBC and experts from business, investment, policy and academic research sectors.

We approach every subject with a desire to shine a light on innovation, make it accessible and kick start a conversation about its applications and implications.

Foresight is a digital publication from Bristol Innovations, the University of Bristol’s catalyst for innovation. We offer innovation-led organisations access to cutting-edge research, technology and talent, creating breakthrough solutions and scalable commercial opportunities that drive growth.

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Editorial team

Marc Ambasna-Jones / Editor-in-chief

Working as a technology journalist and writer since 1989, Marc has written for a wide range of titles on technology, business, education, politics and sustainability, with work appearing in The Guardian, The Register, New Statesman, Computer Weekly and many more.

Rhian Drinkwater / Sub Editor

Rhian is a freelance writer and editor based in the UK. She’s worked in publishing for nearly 20 years for a variety of technology brands and websites including Microsoft and Canon Europe.

Jane Wakefield / Writer

Jane Wakefield has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years covering every aspect of technology, from regulation to broadband, smart cities to artificial intelligence. She has travelled the world making radio docs for the BBC, including witnessing a world first drone flight across Lake Victoria. Her dubious claim to fame is being the first UK journalist to interview a sex robot. She is now a freelance writer, podcaster, media trainer and conference host.

Anna Demming / Writer

Anna Demming loves all science generally, but particularly materials science and physics, such as quantum physics and condensed matter. She began her editorial career working for Nature Publishing Group in Tokyo in 2006, and has since worked within editorial teams at IOP Publishing, and New Scientist. She is a contributor to The Guardian/Observer, New Scientist, Scientific American, Chemistry World and Physics World.

Martin Veitch / Writer

Martin Veitch is a freelance writer and analyst He has written about business and technology for over 30 years and is the former editor of titles including IT Week, ZDNet, CIO and IDG Connect, as well as a contributor to other outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and the BBC. He specialises in comment, profiles, features and analysis and he has interviewed luminaries including Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Mike Lynch, John Sculley, Mark Hurd, Scott McNealy, Mike Lynch, Jim Whitehurst and Mark Shuttleworth. Martin is a regular speaker, commentator, chairperson and host at events, webcasts and podcasts.

Guy Matthews / Writer

Guy has been a technology journalist for over 35 years during which time he has edited and written for numerous newspapers and magazines. A particular specialism for the past 20 years has been the market for wholesale telecoms services. As one of the main freelance writers for Capacity magazine, Guy has written in depth on topics ranging from developments in subsea cabling and the evolution of the Internet of Things to Carrier Ethernet standards and the challenges of network security. He has also contributed to European Communications, Mobile Europe, Vanilla Plus, IoT Now and The Register.

Dan Oliver / Writer

Dan Oliver is a UK-based technology and design journalist with 25 years of experience. Dan has produced content for numerous brands and publications including The Sunday Times, TechRadar, Wallpaper* magazine, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and more.

Bristol Innovations Team - marketing and partnerships

Simon Bond / Director, Bristol Innovations

Jane Khawaja / Innovation Director, Bristol Innovations

Richard Elliott / Portfolio Marketing Manager, Bristol Innovations

Tamsin Denbigh / Senior Marketing Manager, Bristol Innovations

David Maher Roberts / Project Lead, Foresight

Lucy Paine / Project Manager, Foresight