Cyber security courses

Hands-on training on cyber security for Industrial Control Systems

Are you prepared to protect your critical infrastructure?

Secure your vital ICS environments, essential for critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and more with a series of courses from Hacktonics to bridge the gap between traditional IT security and the unique challenges of safeguarding Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Who is Hacktonics?

  • Leading and renowned experts Awais Rashid, Joe Gardiner and Louise Evans.
  • They have over 15 years of collective experience on ICS security with extensive knowledge of researching security problems and providing training on attacks and defences.
  • They offer training on internationally-leading equipment to ensure you stay on the cutting edge.

What does Hacktonics offer?

  • ICS Security Training
  • Pre-designed and bespoke courses
  • Workshops and demonstrations
  • Consulting

Some of the Hacktonics example courses

  • Introduction to ICS Security for IT Security Professionals (1 day)
  • Establishing a Security Baseline of an ICS environment (2 days)
  • Hands-on with Attacks against ICS (4 days)
  • ICS Security for Safety Engineers (2 days)

Hacktonics has an extensive library of courses which can all be tailored to the specific requirements of its clients.

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