R&D round table

Tackling energy consumption in telecoms


Join us for a series of round-table events hosted by Bristol Innovations, University of Bristol to bring together operators, vendors and innovative technology companies to explore R&D needs for technical and commercial sector-based challenges. 

We’ll be holding a series of Industry Challenge Group roundtables in May and June,
the first of which will focus on the challenge of energy efficiency and sustainability.
We’re looking for views from across the supply chain and different industry sectors.


May – June 2024 (precise date TBC)



Who is this for?

Telecoms operators, vendors and innovative technology companies across the supply chain.

Topic/theme (for 1st event)

Tackling the energy consumption challenge: what is the role of R&D in future networks designed to reduce consumption and how will AI, ML be needed in the drive to optimise ‘energy saving’?