R&D Round Table: Shaping the future of energy efficiency in telecoms

Join Bristol Innovations for a series of round table events to bring together operators, vendors and innovative technology companies to explore R&D needs for technical and commercial sector-based challenges

David Maher Roberts

Bristol Innovations, within its remit as the University of Bristol’s innovation catalyst, is gearing up to host a significant series of R&D round table discussions aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation within the telecoms sector. Scheduled across May and June 2024, these ‘Industry Challenge Group’ round tables present an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders across the industry to come together to address the pressing research and development needs in telecoms that today’s challenges pose.

Kicking off with a focus on sustainability

This initiative kicks off with a theme that is both urgent and relevant: tackling energy consumption in telecoms. In an age where the impact of technology on our planet is a major concern, the first of these round tables sets out to confront the critical issue of reducing energy consumption. Participants are invited from various sectors of the supply chain to engage in a dialogue on how R&D can significantly contribute to creating future networks that are not only less energy-intensive but also optimised for efficiency. The role of advanced technologies such as AI and ML in driving ‘energy saving’ efforts will be a focal point of discussions.

Why This Matters

The round tables offer a prime platform for collaborative innovation, providing a setting where insights and experiences can directly contribute to pioneering energy-efficient solutions in technology. This initiative is not just about networking; it’s about engaging with key players across the telecoms landscape in a concerted effort towards sustainability and tech advancement. Furthermore, the discussions are poised to shape the direction of future R&D efforts, ensuring they are attuned to the industry’s practical needs and ambitions.

Event Overview

  • Theme: Tackling Energy Consumption in Telecommunications
  • Timing: Set for May 2024, with exact dates yet to be confirmed
  • Venue: Bristol
  • Target Audience: Aimed at telecoms operators, vendors, and tech companies engaged in or interested in the supply chain and sustainability.

How do I register?

As Bristol Innovations and the University of Bristol finalise the details, industry stakeholders are encouraged to register their interest in taking part. It’s an opportunity not only to address current challenges but to actively participate in laying the groundwork for innovative, sustainable solutions in telecoms and connectivity.

We will update this post once final dates and venue have been confirmed.

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David Maher Roberts
David Maher Roberts / Project Lead, Foresight

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