UKTIN Investment Insights Webinar

UKTIN is following up the recent launch of its Investment Insights Report with a webinar (on the 20th June, 2024) to review the key themes and findings

David Maher Roberts

UKTIN has just launched the Telecoms Investment Insight Report that dissects the investment trends shaping the future of the telecoms industry. Supported by PitchBook, it provides a thorough analysis to unravel the complexities of venture capital in the telecoms market including macroeconomic trends, regulations affecting the UK telecoms space, and key datasets to summarise investment activity. For example, did you know that £1.4bn of venture capital has been invested in the UK telecoms sector in the last four years?

This webinar will host a diverse panel of experts who will review the key findings within the report and how this can support UK SMEs to navigate the evolving UK telecoms sector. Join us on 20th June to hear our panellists discuss the report findings, including:

  • Assess market trends and what they mean for new and existing businesses within the telecoms space
  • Understand how investors are using this report to plan future activities
  • Discover more opportunities within the UK telecoms sector highlighted within the report
  • Hear expert insights from innovators and investors on the UK telecoms investment activity

Come along to gain actionable intelligence to navigate the investment landscape with confidence. Whether you’re disrupting traditional telecoms or pioneering new connectivity solutions, this webinar will prepare you for your next investment strategy.

This webinar is open to anyone interested in the early-stage telecoms investment landscape. To register for the webinar, you first need to sign up to the UKTIN Innovation Platform, and that will give you access to the webinar.

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David Maher Roberts
David Maher Roberts / Project Lead, Foresight

Founder and Managing Partner at Digital DNA a consultancy practice that helps businesses innovate, adapt and thrive. Advises startups, Bristol innovations and the venture studio Gravitywell. Founder of TechSPARK and The SPARKies.