The 3rd Optica Quantum Industry Summit heads to UK quantum hub

Exciting times are upon us in the world of quantum technologies, as the Optica Quantum Industry Summit makes its much-anticipated return for its third edition. This year, the summit plants its roots in Bristol, home to the University of Bristol, a globally recognised hub for quantum innovation.

David Maher Roberts

The focus for this year’s summit is sharper than ever, zeroing in on the advancements in photonics technologies, quantum computing, cryptography, and more. It’s a powerhouse event designed to bridge quantum companies with supply chain partners, tackling the industry’s biggest challenges head-on.

Bristol, with its rich legacy in quantum research, doesn’t just host the event; it’s a central figure, embodying the spirit of innovation that drives the quantum realm. This setting promises an enriching experience for all attendees, offering a rare blend of historical significance and cutting-edge research. The Summit is being held at Bristol’s M Shed on 19th and 20th November, 2024.

The lineup of speakers is nothing short of impressive, featuring quantum luminaries like Mehdi Namazi of Qunnect, Tom Darras of Welinq, and Fabian Reichert of TESAT, among others. Each will share insights and breakthroughs, promising to make this summit a crucible of quantum innovation.

If you want to join them in Bristol for a convergence of minds and ideas head over to the Optica website to register and for more information about the event.

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David Maher Roberts
David Maher Roberts / Project Lead, Foresight

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