Wise words and waggishness… June 2024

A selection of notable quotes and comments we’ve come across this month

Marc Ambasna-Jones
A headshot of Ekaterina Almasque, general partner at VC firm OpenOcean.

“One of the biggest things in autonomous machines today is the speed of reaction and the accuracy of perception of the environment. And how you translate perception into action. We’ve seen problems with autonomous driving when the vehicles don’t recognise obstacles fast enough or they perceive [them] wrongly. Or in farming where you want to deploy robots, to say pick strawberries, but they are not accurate enough to pick them without destroying them. Quantum development that is happening today will be able to address many of those questions.”

Ekaterina Almasque, general partner at VC firm OpenOcean, talking about the huge potential for quantum in the robotics space. From our article: Quantum development and the future of robotics


A headshot of Runa Capital associate Francesco Ricciuti

“Stop being a scientist and become an entrepreneur. Technology is important but technology is useless if nobody buys it, or if nobody can actually use it. So you have to think about products. You have to think about markets.”

Runa Capital associate Francesco Ricciuti on how university-driven start-ups need to think to attract investment and business. From our article Venture View: Runa Capital


“We don’t believe in solo founders.”

Rebecca Rosser, early stage investor at VC Plug and Play, speaking at the Bath Digital Festival on space tech investing.


A headshot of Théau Peronnin, CEO of Alice & Bob.

“The word ‘quantum’ is largely misused in popular culture to say ‘magical’ but there is nothing magical about what we are doing… We’ve decided to focus directly on where we are certain that the impact will be massive – fully-fledged, error-corrected machines – without getting distracted by intermediate devices that have not been mathematically proven to serve a use case.”

Théau Peronnin, CEO of Alice & Bob, talking to Sifted about the company’s Paris-based lab being good for talent acquisition.


“We need a national strategy around materials. Materials is pervasive. Everyone knows about it but people have told me that materials is everyone’s second best friend. That’s really annoying because materials should be leading.”

David Knowles, CEO of the Henry Royce Institute, speaking at the Materials Research Exchange event in London last month. From our article: Royce revs-up drive for UK bill of materials


“6G’s ultra-low latency and high bandwidth will make edge computing more powerful and pervasive. By offering edge infrastructure, platforms, and services to enterprises and developers for running low-latency applications such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), gaming, autonomous vehicles, and real-time analytics, operators have a further opportunity to monetise.”

Kelvin Chaffer, CEO of Lifecycle Software, on learning the lessons from 5G and finding revenue streams for 6G. From our article: Innovating with 6G and fulfilling the failed promises of 5G

Marc Ambasna-Jones
Marc Ambasna-Jones / Editor-in-chief

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