Unveiling the future of telecoms investment: A must-read report by UKTIN and PitchBook

In an era where connectivity is everything and needed everywhere, understanding the intricacies of investment in the telecoms sector is more crucial than ever. The UK Technology Innovation Network (UKTIN), in collaboration with PitchBook, is poised to release a pivotal report that promises to illuminate the investment landscape of the telecoms industry in the UK. This comprehensive analysis is not just timely; it’s essential reading for anyone keen on navigating the complex waters of telecoms and connectivity investments.

David Maher Roberts

At the heart of this report is a detailed examination of venture capital dynamics within the telecoms market. UKTIN and PitchBook have joined forces to dissect the current trends and investment patterns, providing a clear view of what the future holds for this rapidly evolving industry.

According to UKTIN, “This report isn’t just another data dump — it’s a treasure trove of insights across telecoms technologies including AI, quantum, space, cloud, cybersecurity among other verticals. By scrutinising key trends in dealmaking and early-stage investments, we’ll be uncovering the emerging technologies driving innovation in telecoms and connectivity and spotlighting the most promising avenues for growth. Through a detailed exploration of capital flows, top deals and financing metrics we’ll find out what technologies and markets are capturing investor interest.”

Why this report matters

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and early-stage ecosystem supporters, this report is likely to be a goldmine of actionable insights. It goes beyond the surface to highlight the key trends in deal-making and early-stage investments, spotlighting the technologies and markets that are drawing investor attention. By focusing on the emerging technologies shaping the telecoms and connectivity sectors, the report identifies the most promising growth avenues.

Whether you’re challenging the status quo in traditional telecoms or pioneering novel connectivity solutions, the insights contained in this report could be invaluable.

How to get hold of the report

The report is now available. All you need to do is fill out a form on the SETsquared website to get hold of your copy. 

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David Maher Roberts
David Maher Roberts / Project Lead, Foresight

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